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FiDi is a code-free analytics hub for web3


Infinitely customizable real-time analytics from data providers across Web3, all on a single platform. FiDi provides decentralized access — you choose the providers you trust.

Quick Start

  1. Create your first dashboard in FiDi Analytics Portal

    1. Dig deeper in supported Widget Types

    2. Share what you've built!

  2. Explore recent projects developed on top of FiDi

    1. Portfolio Analytics: track a couple of whales and see your wallet's performance via

    2. Analytics for iOS: visualize right at your fingertips

    3. Swap & DEX Aggregation: swap your favorite pairs right on the platform

    4. NFT Analytics: track the performance of your favorite collections.

  3. Get in touch and stay tuned for more product updates

Further Reading

FiDi products are powered by DotSight, our actively evolving open-source library for developers. The project is supported by the Web3 Foundation. Visit fidi-tech/dot sight and fidi-tech/dotsight-ui to learn how to contribute.

Stay tuned and follow our X/Twitter for more updates.

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