🔮FiDi Analytics Portal

This section provides a high-level overview of the FiDi's code-free analytics functionality


The alpha version of FiDi's code-free analytics is available at https://dot.fidi.tech/v2

Advanced Web3 dashboards are taps away. Choose your desired data providers, metrics, and visualize the data from all over Web 3. Enrich and visualize data from indexers, RPC providers, oracles, and custom sources.

Authentication via Github or Google OAuth is currently supported, with more options coming.

Key Features

FiDi provides:

  • An intuitive UI for analytical dashboards

  • Portfolio of supported metrics available for networks, tokens, and wallets

  • An extensive cohort of data providers (See: Data Providers)

  • Dashboard layout customization

  • Data enrichment between multiple providers

  • External embedding and sharing functionality

  • (coming soon!) Data providers selection

  • (coming soon!) Fine-tuning the queries and enrichment logic

FiDi Analytics Portal is powered by our open-source DotSight library.

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