Net Worth Tracking

This section provides an overview of the the wallet's net worth widget

Start by selecting a demo wallet or entering any walletโ€™s address into the search bar. Letโ€™s use the demo wallet as an example.

The pie chart visually represents the entirety of your wallet assets, illustrating the percentage composition of each asset.

The adjacent section provides a detailed breakdown of assets, including specific dollar balances and the corresponding percentage of the total portfolio.

This information is arranged in decreasing order based on the assets' percentage contribution. Assets that contribute minimally to the total holdings are grouped under the "Other" category at the end of the table.

The net worth reflects the overall value of assets in your portfolio. The widget is sensitive to the Aggregation Logic Toggle and the values and sorting logic will update according to the selection.

Rewards display the value of all the rewards you have received. You have the option to view details such as the latest reward, the cumulative total, and the total for the past 30 days.

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