🖥️Widget Types

This section briefly summarizes dashboard types currently available on FiDi.

Available widget types are automatically displayed on the final screen after entities (networks, tokens, wallets) and metrics have been selected. Only widgets compatible with the user's selection will be displayed as options.


  • A default widget type available for all data products with any combination of data providers.

Time Series

  • Available for any continuous data streams shaped as timestamp-value.

  • Multiple time series can be plotted.

  • Requires one metric to be selected, not multiple.

Pre-Release Widgets

Available in pre-release:

  • Radar

  • Key Statistics

  • Distribution (Pie Chart)

  • Single Metric

  • NFT Grid

Coming Soon

Heatmap, Block Bars, Staking Statistics, Bar Time Series, Comparative Distribution, and many more.

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