Portfolio Analytics Overview

This section provides a high-level overview of the Portfolio Analytics product


Portfolio Analytics is available at

Key Features

Key features include:
  • Track any web3 wallet: EVM and non-EVM are supported.
  • Stack multiple wallets together (see: Stacks)
  • Broad Coverage: 100+ chains and 2.5k+ protocols
  • DEX Aggregation: swap your favorite pairs in seconds (see: Swaps)
  • NFTs analytics
  • Optional Wallet Connect: all major wallet providers supported
  • Transaction history: (see: History)
  • Advanced staking/lending data for selected chains (See: Advanced Analytics)
  • Giveaways: participate in promoted events (see: Events)

Privacy and Safety

FiDi Portfolio Analytics is fully non-custodial, preserves no user data, and is built on top of the open-source DotSight library. See our Blog for more details.
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